Review: specialised Tricross S-Works

This flashy carbon-fiber ride was the lightest bike in our peloton, at just 17.1 pounds. And carbon's vibration-dampening ability gave it a solid, neutral feel. With a low center of gravity, it had an exceptionally stable high-speed ride, but on the steep stuff, the rear wheel felt like it wanted to slide out from under us.

Specialized Tricross S-Works



Steady and predictable on all surfaces and perhaps the most comfortable model we tested. Light weight takes some of the pain out of portaging over pedal-unfriendly obstacles.


Completely useless seat post — the saddle slipped each time we jumped on the bike, which happens dozens of times in a cross race. Back end felt a little squirrelly at times. Seriously expensive..

How We Rate

  • 1/10A complete failure in every way
  • 2/10Barely functional; don't buy it
  • 3/10Serious flaws; proceed with caution
  • 4/10Downsides outweigh upsides
  • 5/10Recommended with reservations
  • 6/10A solid product with some issues
  • 7/10Very good, but not quite great
  • 8/10Excellent, with room to kvetch
  • 9/10Nearly flawless, buy it now
  • 10/10Metaphysical product perfection